Studio Secrets Revealed

Hey guys,

Now i’m not a fan of the producer / artist based dance music production tutorials that everybody and their mother seems to be making these days. You know, those ones that can be found in just about every corner of the web!

The main reason I detest them is because they are largely nothing more than promotional tools for the producer involved and they rarely shed any light on the highly personal journey that music producers embark on when they set out to make a track.

They inevitably always include “how to use sidechain compression” and involve lots of staring at the screen while a bunch of samples from a Vengeance sample library thump out an all too familiar beat.

But very occasionally I stumble across something that blows my mind…

Not only because it goes into great depth about the equipment used but also the methods employed to sculpt the sound. Shocking isn’t the word!

If there was a magic circle of dance music, Greg Brookman would surely be kicked out for revealing secrets that dance music producers have kept close to their chests for years.

I guess we all need to up our game now that this is out there!


G x

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